Case studies

This is a small selection of projects of differing sizes and types carried out by nVentic. Please contact us if you are interested in our experience in other areas.

Inventory optimization case studies

Industrial manufacturing inventory optimization
nVentic helped a manufacturer reduce inventories in scope by 50% while improving service levels.
Sustaining inventory improvement through a pandemic
A double digit improvement in inventory had been delivered by this manufacturer in 2019 and more was planned for 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic created supply chain issues on both the demand and the supply side. nVentic helped them react quickly, shore up risks and continue the previous momentum to deliver a further double digit improvement in 2020.
Fixing shortages and excesses at the same time
nVentic allowed a manufacturer to pinpoint and resolve problems with both shortages and excess stocks in just a few months.
Finding an extra 15% for an automotive manufacturer
A leading manufacturer thought they had already optimized inventory, but nVentic helped them find further potential for improvement.
Optimizing inventory in a context of supply disruption
True optimization is not just a name for inventory reduction. nVentic helped a manufacturing client reduce inventories while improving service levels, even in a context of significant supply disruption and other externalities.
Optimizing inventories with sporadic demand
Sporadic demand represents a particular challenge for inventory optimization, since many of the best-known models break down or need adapting. The potential for both shortages and excesses is high. nVentic helped a manufacturer better understand and segment their sporadic demand items to deliver pragmatic solutions that reduced inventory while maintaining high service levels.

Other supply chain and procurement case studies

Strategic supply chain redesign
Strategic decisions such as the overall design of a supply chain are complex and challenging to quantify well. nVentic helped a large industrial client reconfigure its footprint of production and distribution sites.
De-risking a key component supply chain
nVentic helped a manufacturing company deal with a major external risk in its supply chain.
The afterlife of a make vs buy decision
Major make vs buy decisions are often complex and strategic. Sometimes external market conditions make one reconsider the very basis of the decision. nVentic helped a global client find its way through the complexity to a balanced decision.