Inventory optimization services

Consult the inventory experts. nVentic provides a range of services, focused on inventory optimization and supply chain more broadly. In particular, we specialise in inventory optimization programmes, inventory analytics and inventory maturity assessments.

Supply chain improvements are often measured in terms of their impact on inventories. Decades of experience have taught us that going straight for the inventories themselves is both the quickest and the surest way of delivering a high-performing supply chain.

Inventory optimization programmes

Inventory sits right at the heart of your supply chain and is both a symptom and cause of your supply chain performance. Getting inventory right keeps your customers happy, increases flow and reduces cost and waste, whatever the balance between customer-centricity and efficiency you are trying to achieve.

In our inventory optimization programmes we help organisations identify and deliver sustainable improvements in inventory performance. Our specialist consultants provide expert analytics and effective change management backed up by a clearly measurable business case. Improvements to inventory positions of 20% or more, sometimes much more, are usually achievable within the first year, at a high return on investment.
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Inventory analytics

Do you find it difficult to really understand what your inventory data is telling you, or what you should do about it? Do you have optimization tools that are difficult to use or which give results you know to be wrong, but you're not sure why?

Advanced statistical analysis of large business data sets is fundamental to everything we do. We have developed proprietary technology that we use to provide clients with rapid actionable insights into their inventory data.

We help clients understand what their data means and how they can use it to optimize their supply chain. By delivering analytics as a service we provide clients with the insights that are most valuable to their circumstances.

Our starting point with most clients is to carry out a diagnostic evaluation of their inventories. On the basis of just 3 standard reports from your ERP system, we quantify improvement potential item by item as well as overall. We can do this in a matter of minutes even for multi-million-line data sets. The output is both an immediate high-level quantification of improvement potential and the basis of a road map to deliver sustainable improvements quickly.

In addition, we help clients with a range of targeted analytical exercises, ranging from strategic inventory positioning (where in your supply chain should you hold inventory?) through to setting inventory policies for items that are hard to optimize, such as spare parts, or make to order products.
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Inventory maturity assessments

Inventory is influenced by almost every aspect of your business, from production to sales and from procurement to R&D. While supply chain teams are constantly striving to keep inventories at good levels, it can be hard to know at an enterprise level where the biggest opportunities for further improvement are, or how you compare to your competitors.

nVentic can take the temperature of your inventory management. We combine a granular, bottom-up quantitative assessment of your potential for improvement with a qualitative overview of your people, processes and systems, including relevant benchmarks, to give you actionable insights into where to find the next step change in your performance journey.
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