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Inventory optimization consulting

nVentic combines deep expertise in inventory optimization with advanced analytical tools to give you a competitive edge in inventory management.

Inventory is an area of great potential for most organisations, but it can be hard to make substantial and sustainable improvements to your inventory position. At nVentic, we help deliver double digit reductions in inventory while maintaining or improving service levels.

New developments in technology are making it increasingly possible to apply some of the best scientific work to real world supply chains. But the promise of fully digital and automated supply chains is still a distant one for most organisations. Optimization technology more often than not fails to deliver on its promises.

At nVentic, we combine the practical business focus of management consulting with the high-speed analytical capability of advanced information technology. We rapidly distil practical insights from data in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our people concentrate on the human challenges of implementing and sustaining resilient and lean supply chains.

Our unique approach to supply chain puts inventory optimization front and centre. After all, having the right goods in the right place at the right time is the very essence of good supply chain management. This allows us to deliver benefits at speed in a low risk manner compared to traditional approaches.

But don’t take our word for it:

What our clients say

"We finally have full transparency of what we have, so we can make fact-based decisions on a weekly basis."
Automotive manufacturer
"Since starting a programme with nVentic we have reduced our inventories by over 50%."
Industrial manufacturer
"Working to a tight deadline, nVentic helped our leadership team address a very complex issue to make the right strategic decision."
Utilities company
"The results are exceptional and have made a major difference to our cash flow."
Global manufacturing company
"The inventory programme brought a wide range of process issues into sharp focus, with an impact much broader than just inventory."
Market-leading manufacturer
Everything we do is informed by advanced analytics. Whether running major inventory optimisation programmes or helping clients with very targeted projects, all our services harness scientific approaches.

We believe that inventory optimization is a major area of untapped potential and our approach and philosophy to supply chain work is heavily influenced by this perspective.

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Some of our clients

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