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Inventory optimization

Free up working capital

Inventory ties up working capital. Excess inventory increases operating costs and damages the environment, while uncontrolled inventory reduction risks lowering customer service levels. However, optimizing inventory is a daunting task. The data is complex and usually patchy. On the human level, stakeholders from the functions involved have different agendas.

What we do

nVentic helps organisations work together to optimize inventory and release cash, reduce costs and improve service levels. By reducing waste, we help businesses to shrink their environmental footprint too.

How we work

nVentic combines the business focus of management consultancy with the high-speed analytical capability of advanced information technology. Our analytical tools distil practical insights in minutes from data in ERP systems. So our people can concentrate on the human challenges of implementing and sustaining optimum inventory levels.

Inventory consulting

nVentic’s consultants help industrial clients assess, validate and implement inventory improvements in one-off and sequenced projects.

Inventory analytics

nVentic’s analytics helps advanced inventory management practitioners, as well as third party consulting partners, to carry out inventory optimization initiatives of any scale. Our analytical services are a collection of proprietary tools and techniques that we use ourselves in our consulting services.

Some of our clients

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