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Compare the cloud
Matthew Bardell describes how nVentic's unique technology overcomes some of the persistent challenges in inventory optimization. (12 September 2023 - 13 minutes)


Digital Supply Chain
In discussion with former Global VP for Supply Chain at SAP, Tom Raftery, Matthew Bardell discusses inventory optimization trends, technology and sustainability. (3 November 2023 - 36 minutes)
Silicon UK in Focus
In discussion with David Howell, Matthew Bardell discusses the progress made by - and remaining for - Industry 4.0. (17 July 2023 - 36 minutes)
In conversation with Lee Cooper, Dan Weil and Matthew Bardell discuss nVentic and inventory optimization. (12 July 2023 - 67 minutes)


How can digital tools optimise inventories?
What role does the latest technology play in helping companies achieve supply chain resilience and optimise inventories? (Supply & Demand Chain Executive, 12 February 2024)
How can you tell how close to optimal your inventories are?
This is a surprisingly difficult question for supply chain professionals to answer, and this has major implications for inventory performance. What can be done? (Supply Chain Brain, 16 January 2024)
Why the C-suite should pay more attention to inventory strategy
Inventory is too often treated as a purely operational concern, but boards can and should create the right environment and incentives for inventory strategy to play its proper role in making enterprises successful. (Inside Logistics, 20 December 2023)
Why Finance should stop leaving inventory to Operations - a guide for CFO's
Most CFO's would like to have less inventory as long as it doesn't put sales at risk, but inventory is a notoriously difficult thing to get right. What role can and should CFO's play in creating the right environment for inventory optimization? (Finance Derivative, 15 September 2023)
Time to put the optimization into inventory optimization
Inventory optimization is a concept much talked-about but little applied in practice. This means that a lot of potential exists to further optimize inventories. (Supply Chain Brain, 28 August 2023)
Building a resilient healthcare supply chain
Inventory is critical to supply chain resilience, especially in healthcare. (Healthcare Digital, 7 July 2023)
The dual challenge of unbalanced inventory growth and medicine shortages
In 2022 inventories grew at the major pharmaceutical companies while medicine shortages were widely reported. Why is supply and demand hard to balance in the pharmaceutical sector? (Pharma Boardroom, 14 June 2023)
Enabling inventory optimization function - the nVentic way
A Q&A on nVentic's services and technology and how they help clients deliver sustainable improvements to their inventory levels. (World Pharma Today, 12 June 2023)
Big Pharma inventory management trends revealed
Coverage of nVentic's annual big pharma inventory benchmark (European Pharmaceutical Review, 31 May 2023)
Big Pharma manufacturer reports: investigations by nVentic
An interview with Matthew Bardell covering nVentic's annual big pharma inventory benchmark, as well as nVentic's broader services and technology (Procurement Digital, 22 May 2023)
nVentic reviews reports from Big Pharma manufacturers
An interview with Matthew Bardell covering nVentic's annual big pharma inventory benchmark, as well as nVentic's broader services and technology (Healthcare Digital, 22 May 2023) - this is a copy of the article in Procurement Digital of the same date
nVentic report: Manufacturer inventories fail to prevent medicine shortages
A summary of the key findings from nVentic's annual big pharma inventory benchmark (Pharmaceutical Commerce, 19 May 2023)
Press release: nVentic report reveals fast-growing manufacturer inventories fail to prevent medicine shortages
This press release from 15 May 2023 was covered by a number of publications:
World Pharma Today
Business Mondays
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