"We finally have full transparency of what we have, so we can make fact-based decisions on a weekly basis."
Head of Supply Chain, Automotive manufacturer

Inventory analytics

nVentic has built a range of advanced tools which give you great insights into what your inventory data is really telling you. We deliver this analytics either through Software as a Service (SaaS) or Analytics as a service (AaaS - see below). These tools have been developed by synthesising the best scientific work on inventory optimization as well as drawing on our decades of experience working with multiple organisations.

The starting point for most organisations is an Inventory Evaluation, which is a robust diagnostic of your current inventory position that allows rapid and sustainable improvement and can be implemented as SaaS to provide you with ongoing insights.

Inventory is a complex topic to fully understand and master. We have a range of advanced tools that can help you with your specific situation.

Bespoke inventory analytics

Many aspects of inventory optimization are very technical and can seem daunting, especially when faced with big data sets of questionable quality, so it is always beneficial to work with an inventory optimization partner like nVentic that can contribute true expertise.

Our bespoke inventory analytics helps senior supply chain professionals and analysts with a range of advanced analyses for periodical and ad hoc reviews.

We help clients with a range of detailed inventory topics, that include:
  • Service level optimization
  • Lead time optimization
  • Order size optimization
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization
  • Cover analysis
  • Regime shifts
  • Holding costs, reorder costs and shortage costs
  • Back orders and lost sales
  • Perishability
  • Multiple linear regression analysis
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