nVentic helped an industrial manufacturer reduce inventories in scope by over 50% while improving service levels


Our client was a medium-sized industrial manufacturing firm with a strong market position and profitability, but little historical focus on inventory.


nVentic mapped the internal supply chain flows for the largest manufacturing site and helped the client to extract the relevant reports from their ERP system. We then transformed and analysed the data and identified an initial improvement potential of more than 25% net, taking account of some SKU’s where a shortage of stock was identified. We categorized parts based on value/volume and variability. We also graphed historical stock evolution by SKU. Using nVentic’s proprietary tools we were able to carry out this analysis in a day, from receiving the ERP data to producing the report.

Client project teams were set up to agree the approach and lead workstreams. A baseline was set and a tracking mechanism defined. Quick wins delivered a 10% reduction of excess stock in only 3 months.

For the initial phase, top-running SKU’s were targeted. Improvements in key data quality were implemented. Improvements were also embedded in the underlying processes. Weekly tracking of KPI’s and stock position by SKU were set up to enable an ongoing focus and transparency. Production and storage strategies were reviewed for all parts.

Having achieved the first-year target of a 25% reduction in inventory, a target of a further 20% was set for the following year, and further projects scoped out to deliver it.


Inventory was reduced by more than 50% from the initial baseline over a period of 3 years, while service levels were maintained or improved. Improvements in the underlying data led to a better understanding of how and why to act – inventory management capability was significantly developed within the client’s teams.

There is still strong potential to take out more than an additional 20%, as well as to widen the scope. nVentic continues to support this client.

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