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Inventory consulting

As inventory specialists, nVentic’s consulting approach is different:
  • our deep understanding of the inventory data itself allows us to rapidly identify the key opportunities
  • we deploy small teams of experienced inventory experts
  • we focus on just a few large clients, making us nimble and flexible
  • our proprietary technology allows us to carry out complex analyses in minutes

Inventory diagnostic

Helping clients understand and quantify their potential for improvement is the first step. We build a business case for action and identify quick wins by carrying out a bottom-up analysis of your existing ERP data. We engage your teams directly in this work so we understand your current strength in inventory management and develop it, whatever your starting point.

Validation and mobilization

Having built an initial business case, we work with your teams to validate the findings and plan a first wave of improvements.

Inventory optimization

We work with your teams to implement and embed the improvements identified. Clearly, implementation is the key to realizing benefits and making them last. We help your teams to capture and sustain tangible gains. Improvements can include both inventory reduction and improved service levels.

Continuous improvement

Inventory optimization is typically not a one-off exercise. Incremental benefits can be realized year on year, while change in your wider business will bring new challenges and opportunities. nVentic helps clients over time to optimize inventory, freeing up cash for use elsewhere, and shrinking their environmental footprint.
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