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Inventory analytics

The mathematics behind inventory optimization techniques has been well understood since the 1960s. Advanced research in this field continues. But few business managers have the mathematical grounding or the tools to apply these techniques to large and complex data sets. This is where nVentic comes in.

nVentic's set of proprietary tools can carry out a wide range of analyses on inventory data almost instantaneously. They help to identify an enterprise’s true potential for inventory optimization and the amount of cash this could release. We use these tools ourselves in our consulting work. They also form the core of the analytical services we provide directly to advanced inventory management practitioners and consulting partners.

We offer two types of analytics.

Foundation analytics consists of the core analyses required to assess your inventories, quantify the potential for improvement, and classify the different types of stock you hold.

Advanced analytics encompasses many more additional routines and algorithms that can be applied to your data to find more advanced patterns and better understand the more complex levers affecting inventory levels.
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