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White papers

Getting your inventories in shape - a guide for CFO's
Optimizing inventory can unlock tremendous value. Here we provide a brief overview for Finance professionals, covering the benefits of inventory optimization as well as the key issues.
Bridging the gap between theory and practice in inventory management
Great work has been done in inventory optimization in the academic world, but how much is really used in practice? Here we set out our point of view, as well as explaining what nVentic is doing to bridge the gap.
The inventory challenge for the pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical supply chains are long, complex and sometimes fragile, but there seems to be a major opportunity to deliver benefits through inventory optimization. Here we explore some of the issues and suggest how best to proceed.
The environmental case for inventory optimization
Excessive inventories are not just bad for your bottom line and balance sheet, they also represent unnecessary waste. We discuss how improving your inventory management can reduce your organisation's environmental impact.
The limitation of crystal balls in inventory management
It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a good forecast is all you need to optimize inventories. Here we show the limitations of relying on forecasts and the importance of other factors.
The constantly unrealised potential
The opportunity presented by inventory optimization is very significant, but most organisations have under-exploited it. We explore 7 of the main reasons why this is the case and what needs to be done to overcome them.
nVentic Big Pharma inventory benchmarking report 2019
The pharmaceutical industry has a major opportunity to improve its inventory management and free up significant amounts of working capital. We benchmark 30 of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world on their inventory performance and consider some of the visible trends.
The strategic management of inventory
Holding cost may not seem like a strategic lever, but it is a key tool that can be used to improve working capital. But how much is inventory holding cost? In this white paper we explore how to calculate it and how to use it to best effect.

Case studies

Industrial manufacturing inventory optimization
nVentic helped a manufacturer reduce inventories in scope by 50% while improving service levels.
Finding an extra 15% for an automotive manufacturer
A leading manufacturer thought they had already optimized inventory, but nVentic helped them find further potential for improvement.
Fixing shortages and excesses at the same time
nVentic allowed a manufacturer to pinpoint and resolve problems with both shortages and excess stocks in just a few months.
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