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About us

nVentic is a small group of colleagues with a shared passion for applying advanced mathematical techniques to business challenges in a pragmatic, results-driven way. Our strategy is to work intensively with a limited number of select manufacturing clients interested in improving inventory performance, while at the same time supporting third parties such as management consultancies to do the same with their clients. Our focus on deep relationships with preferred clients rather than rapid growth means we can retain a close-knit team of trusted colleagues and reinvest in further innovation. We are creating a legacy of capability to hand on to the next generation. We are also keen to advance the academic discipline of inventory science and collaborate with academics in this field.

The company was founded in 2013 by Dan Weil and is privately owned.

Dan Weil

Dan was first drawn to inventory science through studying system dynamics at university. He worked in computer programming for space research institutions in the 1980s and then in supply chain management for Sony in the 1990s. From 2000 he worked for Celerant Consulting globally, focusing on major change management in client organizations across a range of industries and disciplines, including inventory management.

nVentic brings together all of these strands of Dan’s experience. Since setting up the company, Dan has been working with a number of clients and further developing nVentic's tools.
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Matthew Bardell

After finishing his Ph.D. in medieval French literature and discovering that it didn't open as many career paths as you might imagine, Matthew took some advice to get a job in supply chain back in 2002. He first got involved in inventory optimization while managing a global fresh produce supply chain in the retail sector. Since 2006 he has worked in consulting, helping clients develop and deliver supply chain, procurement and operational excellence strategy. Matthew has worked across a wide range of industries and geographies.

Having met Dan when they both worked at Celerant Consulting, Matthew joined nVentic to help Dan scale up the business.
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David Pyke

Dave is Professor of Operations and Supply Chain at the University of San Diego School of Business, and a leading authority on inventory management as well as other supply chain topics. His book, Inventory and Production Management in Supply Chains, co-authored with Edward A. Silver and Douglas J. Thomas (4th edition, CRC Press, 2017) is a go-to resource for inventory science and he has worked with a variety of businesses on this topic.

Dave is nVentic's scientific advisor:
"I have been working to help business take advantage of inventory science for over 30 years, and in all that time I have never come across anything quite like this. nVentic combines deep and extensive expertise with a unique set of diagnostic tools to help organisations make major sustainable improvements in a notoriously difficult area. This is a game changer and will transform what businesses consider possible."
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What our clients say

“We finally have full transparency of what we have, so we can make fact-based decisions on a weekly basis.” Automotive manufacturer.

“Since starting a program with nVentic we have reduced our inventories by over 50%” Industrial manufacturer.

"Working to a tight deadline, nVentic helped our leadership team address a very complex issue to make the right strategic decision." Utilities company.
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