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nVentic’s value to clients stems from the proprietary inventory analysis tools we have developed over many years to automate the analysis of very large data sets.

Source Data

Our starting point is data in ERP systems. We can help extract the right data from a system for our tools to analyse. The tools can handle millions of line items.

Data transformation

multi-dimensional arrays of data enabling deep analysis
nVentic understands the challenges associated with large and fragmented data sets, such as overlaps, duplicates and differing international data formats. Our data transformation tool automates this otherwise laborious and error-prone work and produces useable data cubes for all subsequent analysis. This tool can also immediately identify any fundamental issues with the source data, such as missing transactions.

Analytical tools

Both our foundation and advanced analytical tools are rooted in the mathematics and statistics of inventory science. We have developed these business-focused functional tools drawing on more than one hundred core routines. The tools produce outputs in standardised Excel® formats that can be easily understood and worked on.
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