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Advanced analytics

nVentic’s advanced analytics enables a detailed examination of the key levers affecting inventory levels:

Parameter Analysis

A number of key parameters influence optimal inventory management. These include service levels, lead times, safety stock, sporadicity, risk levels, and product lifecycle. We analyse these parameters using a range of statistical tools that cut through complexity to identify where and how to make improvements.

Multi-echelon inventory optimization

Most warehouses are not isolated but part of a network comprising different types of warehouse and multiple production facilities and distribution centres. nVentic’s multi-echelon inventory analysis helps clients to identify how much stock to keep in each location in order to optimize service levels and minimize overall inventory costs.

Forecast Accuracy

Reliable demand forecasting is a key lever for managing inventory well. Clients decide how much stock to buy, use and hold on the basis of their sales forecasts. nVentic helps clients to understand how good these forecasts are and how to improve forecasting techniques in the context of their particular business.

Dynamic Modelling

For the most complex problems, with multiple, interacting variables and random elements, we draw on the discipline of systems dynamics. This allows us to see the impact of decisions indicated by deterministic models in simulated reality over time using multiple scenarios.
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